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Student Travelling Tips: Driving along Costa Blanca


I only had one day to visit Alicante, but it’s enough to enjoy its main attraction- the Castle of Santa Bárbara. The castle, as many in the area, has origins from the Muslim times of the Iberian Peninsula. Then it was in the hands of Christian kings since the 13th century. It even belonged to the English for a couple of years. It’s very monumental, standing over the city of Alicante on Mount Benacantil. It’s easily accessible by a lift, which we took as I was visiting along with my family including my little nieces. If you do decide to climb, it’s better to do it in the morning than wait until the afternoon. The sun in the summer can make it pretty hard.


Alicante harbour

We started walking down the slopes of the castle hill and ended up in a beautiful little neighbourhood of ornamented houses and flowers. We hadn’t plan that trip, so it was a great surprise to find it! It’s El Barrio de Santa Cruz- a very typical, traditional Spanish neighbourhood. According to find answers service the houses are very richly decorated, each one is different and they create a beautiful labyrinth of Mediterranean traditional architecture.

El Barrio de Santa Cruz

This small town is around 20 min by car south of Benidorm. I couldn’t escape the comparisons with Burano in Venezia or Alfama in Lisbon, that I recently visited. The old town is formed by small, colourful houses with very narrow streets running between them. The colours don’t stop with the house elevations- the trees in the old town have colourful knitted sweaters on them!

Costa Blanca

Apart from the charming old town, which you can easily see and enjoy in half a day, Villajoyosa has other attractions. It is considered the center of chocolate production, with a couple of chocolate factories in the area. They offer guided visits, you can find them here. Let me tell you that it was the best smelling factory I could have visited.

Altea Costa Blanca

Going north again, 20 minutes to the north from Benidorm there is another charming little town of Costa Blanca- Altea. It provides a certain balance to the colours of Villajoyosa as all the houses there are white. Wandering around the cobbled streets of Altea you will come across a lot of little shops selling artisan, hand-made jewellery, home décor items and art. I have to say that I loved all the places I visited along Costa Blanca, but Altea stole my heart. According to math homework answers service the one thing you cannot miss in Altea is Qvo Helados Artesanales– their ice cream is insanely good!

Costa Blanca

Why I recommend visiting Costa Blanca by road trip? It’s fairly easy and cheap to rent a car in Spain. And if you want to go really cheap and have a room with a view of the sea- you can just sleep in the car! My Favourite Travel Companion and I stayed in Benidorm two days to enjoy the amusement parks. But we didn’t want to splash all the money on the hotels there, so we went for that option and I absolutely loved it! Benidorm will be generaly rather expensive for a student budget. Moving a little farther from there you can find more affordable accommodation in a hostel or an AirBnB.

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Student Tips: Driving along Costa Blanca

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